Case StudiesImprove Customer Experience with Personalized Marketing


The Future of Customer Loyalty

Nadia Moeller of Nutrishop South Austin sought a loyalty program that was simple for cashiers and customers. Seamless integration with AppCard and their POS, Lightspeed Retail, makes rewarding customers quick and easy.

Company Background

  • Company: Nutrishop South Austin
  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Challenge: Launch a rewards program that provides a better customer experience


Launch a scalable loyalty marketing program to keep customers coming back

Nadi Moeller, Director of Business Development for Nutrishop and owner of their Austin TX location, knew that she needed a way to reward her valued customers for their business and keep them coming back. After using a different solution for some time, Moeller knew that she needed a solution that would scale and provide a better experience for her customers, and also provide better insight into customer preferences and buying behavior.

“Before AppCard we used a different rewards program but it wasn’t instant access for the customer. It took 24 to 48 hours after the transaction finalized for them to access their rewards or points. And it also wasn’t as detailed in the reporting.”


Automated, digital rewards platform for Lightspeed

Moeller realized that a digital rewards platform would give her the ability to close the loop on her rewards marketing efforts. “What I loved about AppCard was the fact that it was fully customizable, and that I saw so many opportunities in AppCard for growth,” says Moeller.

“We currently use Lightspeed as our point of sale system, and I love the fact that it fully integrates with AppCard so that it automatically gives points for purchases made,” Moeller continues. “It’s great for the customer with the AppCard rewards program because they don’t have to do anything. They don’t have to carry a card around, they don’t have to remember to let us know about their membership in the rewards program since our cashiers take care of everything.”

Bottom Line

Improve customer experience with personalized marketing

After capturing customer identities along with SKU-level purchase information with their AppCard rewards program, Nutrishop is able to target customers with personalized offers via email, sms, and push notifications.

“One of the campaigns we run here at Nutrishop South Austin is our Thermovex campaign. Thermovex is one of our most popular products, and any customer who purchases it will receive a notification a week later to try out the Thermovex nighttime version. It’s been great because everybody generally loves Thermovex, and this gives me the ability to connect with my customers and just remind them that Thermovex has a great nighttime product as well.”

“AppCard has made the whole experience so much more exciting and we’re able to give the customer something that they really want and they look forward to.”