AppCard for Grocers: Personalized digital coupons, touch-screen terminal, & marketing ideas

March 26, 2018 | AppCard Team

It’s been 7 months since we announced AppCard’s acquisition of ProLogic Retail Services, the leader in loyalty marketing for the independent grocer. Since the acquisition, both teams have been working hard to leverage the power of our combined resources, expertise, and technology under the AppCard banner. The company, now operating as a single entity, is poised to expand our footprint in the independent grocery industry with the most advanced personalized marketing and shopper analytics tools on the market.

Personalized Digital Coupons

Ease of use and availability of content have made digital coupons explode in popularity. However, with more coupons to sort through than ever before, the experience can be overwhelming for shoppers. Retailers and brands who are able to personalize the coupon selection to the shopper’s preferences will see an increase in coupon conversions. Watch the video to learn how it works!

  • Shoppers receive and email with a personalized assortment of coupons
  • Shoppers add coupons from their favorite brands
  • Coupons are automatically applied to qualifying purchases

In-Lane Shopper Engagement

Multi-channel engagement is one of the keys to cultivating loyal shopper behavior. In-lane touch screens give retailers the ability to register shoppers quickly and easily, inform shoppers of their rewards status, prompt shoppers to add coupons for their next visit, and more. Schedule a demo to learn about AppCard’s touch screen terminals!

  • Cashier and customer-facing displays
  • Displays customer reward balance and coupons
  • Prompts non-members to join the program
  • Collects email and mobile numbers in-lane

Featured Grocer: Jensen’s Finest Foods

Jensen’s Finest Foods is a family-owned retailer with 9 locations across southern California. Watch the video to learn about how they’re using personalization to deliver targeted offers and promotions that drive sales and keep shoppers coming back.

Marketing Calendar for Grocers

Download the AppCard Grocery Marketing Calendar to view recommended campaigns that our grocery retailers have used throughout the years. The calendar includes national holidays, food related holidays, and other marketing opportunities for grocers throughout 2018.


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