Loyalty Tips: Best Practices for the Holiday Season

October 12, 2020 | AppCard Team

In just a few weeks, the 2020 holiday season will be upon us.  For grocery retailers, this time period is typically the pinnacle of their fiscal year due to the increase in holiday related sales and extra foot traffic.  While the coronavirus pandemic may have upstaged the 2020 holiday retail fervor this year, this upcoming period is still an important time of year for grocers to leverage their rewards and loyalty programs, in order to strengthen their relationship with their shoppers.

At AppCard, we want to help our retail partners get the most out of their rewards and loyalty programs.  Below are some best practices to help guide our valued customers into making the most of this anticipated time of year:


Create a Holiday “Spend & Earn” Continuity Offer Ask your loyalty members to spend $x dollars prior to the holiday period in order to receive a deeply discounted holiday-related item that enhances the shopper’s holiday celebrations.  As an example, many of our partners offer free turkeys for Thanksgiving or Free Ham for the Christmas holiday once the loyalty members meet a set spending goal prior to the holiday.

Give a Gift to Top Shoppers Famously known as a time to show ”good will toward men”, the Christmas season provides retailers the opportunity to leverage their loyalty platforms and target their top shoppers with rewards/gifts that go above and beyond the promotions made available to all loyalty shoppers.

Consider a Personal Touch Take the opportunity to utilize the communication technologies that your loyalty program affords you (like email or text) and make a special effort to reach out to your valued shoppers with a sincere  “thank you” for their loyalty to your store this year.

Encourage Giving Over Receiving – The spirit of the holiday season often compels people to give for the sake of giving.  Why not create opportunities for your shoppers to donate their loyalty points to local charities that help feed those that are struggling in the post-COVID economy.


The AppCard loyalty platform can accommodate all of the above ideas and more.  Contact your account manager to explore the options that could work for you.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Appcard.  We appreciate all that you’ve done for us this year and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.



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