Thank You, Superheroes!

February 22, 2022 | AppCard Team

Independent grocers make up the very foundation of AppCard; we wouldn’t be here without you. We are so thankful for the meaningful partnerships we’ve built over the years and appreciate the rich relationships that have come out of them. We are truly grateful for you everyday.

Because 2/2/22 is Supermarket Employee Day, AppCard wants to extend an extra special thanks to every grocery store employee out there. Whether you’re a cashier, stocker, manager, or work in any of the other critical store roles, we thank you.

If the pandemic showed us anything, it’s that the work you do is invaluable. You are the backbone of communities and you’ve helped us through a worldwide crisis. For the last couple of years, you’ve been everyone’s heroes.

From AppCard to all supermarket employee superheroes, you are appreciated more than you know.

Happy #SupermarketEmployeeDay 🤍


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