AppCard Announces New Partnership with Great Lakes Food

August 23, 2022 | AppCard Team

New York, NY

AppCard and Great Lakes Foods announced today a new partnership designed to help Great Lakes Foods members better personalize their marketing, have access to advanced shopper analytics, and provide their shoppers with savings from a rich digital coupon offering. The mutual offering is set to allow independent grocers regain control over their conversation with their shoppers, increase conversion and reduce advertising cost. AppCard and Great Lakes Food already support a number of mutual grocers, such as Northwood IGA. 

Located in Menominee, Michigan, Great Lakes Foods is a fast growing full line supplier of wholesale groceries, meat, produce, dairy, frozen foods, private label, bakery, deli, and HBC General Merchandise for supermarkets and convenience stores. Great Lakes chose AppCard because of its robust integration with POS used by its members, its reporting and analytics capabilities, and its comprehensive promotions and digital coupons offerings. 

“Today we have generations of customers that shop differently than ever before,” says Tom Jushka, President of Great Lakes Foods. “The newspaper ads grocers have been so dependent on to drive sales are being replaced by digital ads, social media posts and product influencer videos. And whether you’re a retailer selling candles, gas or groceries, these customers expect to be rewarded for giving you their business. AppCard’s features appeal to these shoppers, allowing retailers to engage with them and reward them for their loyalty. But more importantly, the insights the grocer can gain into their customer’s shopping habits from AppCard’s database is priceless when it comes to targeted marketing to drive sales.” 

AppCard is the leading personalized marketing, shopper analytics, and digital coupons provider for independent grocers. AppCard’s long lasting experience and knowledge in the independent grocery industry empowers grocers to build a one to one relationship with their shoppers while making their data actionable using AppCard’s “Pinky” machine learning and AI.  In today’s environment, AppCard finds it important to ensure grocers regain control over their conversation with their shoppers, and in so doing, reduce advertising cost and increase conversion. AppCard delivers the right offer to the right shopper at the right time via email, texts, and in-app notifications using data analytics and personalized marketing. 

“We are excited about our partnership with Great Lakes Foods,” said Eran Harel, VP Corporate Development and Strategic Partnerships at AppCard. “Both AppCard and Great Lakes share a similar vision—to help grocers grow their business and increase profits. With the already mutual grocers taking advantage of our mutual offering, we are excited about what the future holds.” 



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