‘Tis the Season: Best Practices for Holiday Promotions

October 11, 2022 | AppCard Team

Can you believe it? 2022 is drawing to a close and with that comes the busy holiday shopping season. Inflation this year has been at an all-time high, and your shoppers want to save money now more than ever. Are you ready to make full use of your rewards program to surprise, delight, and reward your loyal shoppers over the holidays? We’re here to give you some best practices for the holiday season to delight your shoppers.

Providing best-in-class ideas and practices is what we do best here at AppCard, so we’ve created this idea list for you as you plan your holiday-themed promotions in the coming weeks. Here are just a few of our favorite holiday promotion ideas:


Nifty Gifts

It’s always better to give than to receive. Why not target your best shoppers with a special, targeted reward that goes above and beyond the offers made available to all other rewards  members? A 2,000 bonus point award to your store’s top 50 shoppers is a fast and rewarding way to acknowledge their contribution to your business during the year and give them something to spend in your store during the holidays.


Bundle Up

Create special award opportunities for your shoppers when they purchase a set of complementary items in one trip. Using a Thanksgiving meal as inspiration, try a promotion like, “Earn 1,250 points when you buy a turkey, deli pre-made stuffing, a bakery pie, potatoes, frozen vegetables, and sparkling cider in one trip.”


An Attitude of Gratitude

Use the holidays as an additional opportunity to communicate your appreciation for your top shoppers’ loyalty to your store this past year using email, text, or your in-lane prints. Remind them that in a season of gratitude, you’re grateful for them. A little appreciation goes a long way.


Spend & Earn

A staple among our Pro customers is the pre-holiday continuity offer. The concept is simple: invite your loyalty members to spend $X dollars in the 4 to 6 weeks preceding the holiday to receive a discounted or free holiday-related item of the customer’s choice. The reward can be a turkey, ham, or vegan alternative for the big holiday meal, a bakery dessert, a bottle of wine, or even a store gift card. The possibilities are endless and the benefits to your store’s sales and your shopper’s overall satisfaction are high.


Do Unto Others

The spirit of the holiday season often compels people to give more than usual. Why not create opportunities for your shoppers to redeem their points in exchange for a monetary donation to a local or national charity working to feed the hungry in this high-inflation economy? The option to donate at various levels can appear right on the AppCard Rewards Terminal to make it easy for shoppers to give back to their community.


The AppCard platform can execute all of these ideas and more. Be sure to contact your account manager soon to explore your promotion options for this upcoming holiday period. 

As we enter into the season of preparing for the holidays, the team at AppCard wants to remind you that we are grateful for you! 

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