AppCard Makes Digital Coupons Accessible to Everyone

December 13, 2022 | AppCard Team

A recent survey done by Supermarket News indicated there is a growing voice in the grocery industry against digital-only coupons. 31% of consumers surveyed think that digital-only coupons are discriminatory, especially for older shoppers who aren’t technologically savvy and have a hard time accessing coupons on their phones.

Supermarket News, December 2022.

Here’s 3 ways AppCard breaks the status quo and makes digital coupons accessible to all shoppers.


1. Coupons are available right at the checkout lane.

There is only one place in the grocery store where a grocer will see 100% of shoppers and have their undivided attention. That magical place is the checkout lane—assuming your shoppers pay you before they leave (which we certainly hope they do!). AppCard provides a digital touchscreen on the in-lane terminal (NTR) right at the point of sale to grab shoppers’ attention. Shoppers are able to clip and redeem coupons right at the checkout based on what is scanned by the cashier in real time.

While paper coupons are found by only those who look for them, AppCard digital coupons are automatically presented to shoppers at checkout—whether they look for them or not. And who doesn’t want to save on every purchase?


2. All that’s needed to save? A phone number—mobile OR landline.

Many traditional digital coupon solutions require laborious sign up processes. Some involve extra work from your cashiers. Others rely on shoppers to enroll online or through a mobile application. According to Supermarket News’ survey on LinkedIn, upwards of 30% of shoppers find this to be a high barrier to entry and participation in digital coupon solutions. This limits participation and alienates large demographics of shoppers who are unable or unwilling to navigate the digital landscape.

With AppCard, all a shopper needs to start saving is a telephone number. That number can be a mobile phone or a landline. 97% of Americans have a mobile phone number. Nevertheless, there are some shoppers out there who are still holding on to the landline. AppCard still offers accessibility to digital coupons for these shoppers, as well as their smartphone-addicted fellow shoppers.

AppCard’s in-lane digital touch screen eliminates the need for a mobile application or computer to access, clip, and redeem coupons. Shoppers simply enter their phone number while checking out, and coupons appear based on what is currently in their cart. Don’t just take our word for it! Truth is always in the data. AppCard boasts an impressive 62% shopper participation rate with 48% of all coupon clips happening in lane, and over 86% redemption rates.


3. Multiple touch point options for each individualized shopper.

Independent grocers understand that not all shoppers are the same. In order to match the individuality of each shopper, AppCard offers multiple touch points shoppers can use to access digital coupons. Shoppers can access digital coupons through the store website, the AppCard mobile app, the in-lane terminal (NTR), weekly coupon email campaigns, or in-store kiosks through a partnership with Shoptocook. At AppCard, we prioritize giving shoppers a choice. Choice is akin to personalization, and it’s all about the individual. Our platform allows every shopper to use digital coupons in the way that best suits them.

AppCard is the only personalized marketing and rewards platform fully integrated with all major grocery POS providers. Powered by Intel CPU, AppCard J-brain ensures data is captured at the EDGE and transferred to the cloud where we run our machine learning and AI to guarantee that offers, rewards and campaigns are all personalized to shoppers and employees. Our technology empowers retailers to deliver the right message to the right customer, at the right time.

Want to learn more about how AppCard’s digital coupons are accessible to everyone, no matter their technological expertise? Contact us today to set up a demo.


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