The 22,000 Store Supermarket Network That Most CPGs Ignore

March 8, 2023 | AppCard Team

One retailer network represents 33% of retail grocery sales: independent grocers. However, consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands often ignore this valuable market. CPGs can benefit from working with independent grocers for many reasons. CPG margins are higher selling to independent versus behemoth national food retailers. Independents often do not receive CPG marketing support, so they are more willing to establish cooperative relationships. Whether it’s premium, natural/organic, ethnic or local products, independents provide a more targeted value proposition, attracting a more loyal shopper base. Independents are more innovative and willing to experiment with new ideas. In addition, independent grocers are more nimble than larger big box stores. They can execute campaigns with shorter lead times without maneuvering a corporate bureaucracy.

Here are 6 ways AppCard Indie Connect brings CPG brands to independent grocery shoppers:

Text messages. According to a survey published in 2019, Americans check their phones on average 96 times a day, which comes out to about once every 10 minutes. CPG digital coupons are delivered to independent grocery shoppers on the device in their hands throughout the day.[1]

Customized emails. AppCard Indie Connect shines the spotlight on CPG brands. Every CPG brand has its own set of brand guidelines, product images, and lifestyle images. AppCard creates customized emails featuring creative marketing assets for each individual CPG.

Print. Print is not dead! Surveys indicate that 8 in 10 shoppers check grocery circulars for weekly deals. AppCard Indie Connect works with independent grocers to include CPG offers within weekly ads and also supply shelf tags for those consumers who need a reminder of ongoing deals as they shop the grocery aisles.

Mobile app. Remember Apple’s phrase, “There’s an app for that.”? Yes, AppCard has one too. App users can effortlessly clip their digital coupons from their phone using the AppCard mobile app.

Grocer’s website. Some shoppers check the circulars, while others check the grocer’s website. AppCard appeals to both. Shoppers who customarily visit their local AppCard grocer’s website to check for deals can view and clip digital coupons online without the hassle of printing or cutting.

In-lane terminal (NTR). Schedules are busy, and shoppers don’t always have time to study the circulars or browse online stores. At AppCard grocery locations, shoppers can use in-lane terminal touchscreens to clip their coupons as they checkout. Through the NTR, shoppers are rewarded with celebratory audio whenever they successfully redeem a digital offer from CPGs.

AppCard Indie Connect provides CPGs with unprecedented omnichannel marketing reach. At every stage of the shopping experience—whether a consumer is planning her grocery list, browsing the deals in every aisle, or cashing out—we make sure to feature CPG digital offers.

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[1] “Americans Check Their Phones 96 Times a Day”

[2] “Unprecedented Times Prove Retailer Circulars Remain a Powerful Engagement Tool”

AppCard is the only personalized marketing and rewards platform fully integrated with all major grocery POS providers. Powered by Intel CPU, AppCard J-brain ensures data is captured at the EDGE and transferred to the cloud where we run our machine learning and AI to guarantee that offers, rewards and campaigns are all personalized to shoppers and employees. Our technology empowers retailers to deliver the right message to the right customer, at the right time.

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