NewsAppCard Launches Fully Integrated Personalized Digital Coupons Platform for Independent Grocers

October 29, 2018

New York, NY – AppCard has introduced a fully integrated personalized digital coupons platform for independent grocers. AppCard Digital Coupons give independent grocers the technology and tools they need to remain competitive with ever-changing marketplace by providing a personalized approach to delivering coupons that increases engagement (clip rate) and conversion (redemptions).

“AppCard continues to identify opportunities and trends within our customer base which allows us to provide personalized offers that enhance the shopping experience for our Royal Rewards members.”

Jake Fermanian, VP Super King Markets

AppCard offers a paradigm shift in coupon engagement and provides shoppers with a proprietary and unique in-lane experience. While items are scanned by the cashier, the shopper receives an immediate notification when they redeem a coupon. Shoppers are also alerted when they’ve missed a coupon, and are given an opportunity to clip the coupon in-lane for their next visit.

“AppCard Digital Coupons are designed with the retailers’, shoppers’ and CPGs’ interests in mind. The shopper gets instant gratification and secures savings for the present and/or future transactions. For the retailer, it increases the number of trips shoppers make every month and enhances the shopper experience,” says Yair Goldfinger, Co-founder and CEO of AppCard. “With our platform, CPGs gain greater exposure, build brand loyalty, all while monitoring coupon performance with real-time clip and redemption reporting. We are bringing shopper engagement with digital coupons and personalized offers into the future, and the future is now.”

AppCard Digital Coupons feature both ease of use and powerful, AI-driven capabilities. The weekly personalized coupons email is fully automated and presents the right coupons to the right shoppers at the right time. With the AppCard Touch Screen Terminal present in lane, the shopper can simply type in their number and either sign in, or sign up, in 3 seconds or less. AppCard aggregates coupons from leading content providers, combines them with locally sourced content, and also provides clearing services, providing independent grocers with an end-to-end, simple yet effective, personalized digital coupon solution.

Super King Markets, a leading specialty grocer with 7 locations across southern California, has successfully launched AppCard Digital Coupons across all locations. Shoppers enrolled in the Super King Markets Royal Rewards program, also powered by AppCard, receive a personalized weekly email with a carefully curated selection of AppCard Digital Coupons. AppCard’s machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) engine, named Pinky, analyzes shopper behavior to prioritize coupons that are the most relevant to each individual Royal Rewards member. The coupons presented are re-sorted and ranked based on the shoppers past purchase behavior as well as their future intent.

“Retail is changing, and understanding consumer behavior is now more critical than ever to market effectively. We must leverage the data to add value to our customer’s shopping experience both offline and online,” says Jake Fermanian, Vice President of Super King Markets. “AppCard continues to identify opportunities and trends within our customer base which allows us to provide personalized offers that enhance the shopping experience for our Royal Rewards members.”

AppCard Personalized Digital Coupons:

  • Content from leading brands: AppCard aggregates hundreds of coupons every month from leading content providers and brands and makes them available to retailers based on items sold in inventory
  • Personalize Coupons with AI: AppCard uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver a carefully curated selection of coupons to your shoppers based on their item-level purchase history and future intent
    In-lane enrollment: Shoppers can easily enroll and check in via the in-lane AppCard Touch Screen Terminal
  • Automated redemption: Coupons are automatically applied to transactions as qualifying items are scanned at the point of sale
  • Add missed coupons: An industry first; the AppCard Touch Screen Terminal prompts shoppers to add coupons for their next visit if an item with an available coupon is scanned and hadn’t been clipped in advance of the visit
  • Real-time reporting: Retailers and brands have full visibility into coupon engagement and redemptions
    Simplified coupon clearing: AppCard has partnered with a leading clearing house to make the clearing process fast and simple


About Super King Markets
Super King Markets currently operates seven retail locations and two warehouses in Southern California with a team of 1,500 employees. Super King’s mission, to be the leader of international foods at the lowest prices and highest quality, has carved a unique niche in a time when consumers seek out specialty and value. The retailer continues to leverage its customer and pricing analytics through its Super King “Royal Rewards” loyalty program powered by AppCard.

About AppCard
AppCard is the leading personalized marketing and shopper analytics platform for independent grocers. AppCard currently works with over 1,200 independent grocery locations across the country.

AppCard delivers the right message, to the right shopper, at the right time via text, email, and push notifications. In August 2017, AppCard acquired ProLogic, the largest provider of loyalty marketing to independent grocers, positioning AppCard as the leading loyalty and digital offers platform for grocers. Today, AppCard processes nearly 500 million transactions annually and reaches over 17 million US households. For more information, visit