NewsRetail Pro International Deepens Partnership with AppCard to Deliver AI-Driven Personalized Marketing and Loyalty for Specialty Retail

January 15, 2018

NEW YORK, NY January 15, 2018 – Retail Pro International announced at NRF 2018 a deepening partnership with AppCard, a personalized marketing and customer retention platform. Integrated together, the Retail Pro® and AppCard technologies empower specialty retailers to capitalize on POS data for their customer retention strategy.

“My goal for every technology partnership we form is to help our retailers extend profit capacity by seamlessly integrating the full power of Retail Pro,” said Kerry Lemos, Retail Pro International CEO. “With this deep integration between best of breed Retail Pro and AppCard solutions, we empower retailers to capitalize on the unmined potential of POS data for their customer retention strategy, thereby growing profitability.”

Together, the Retail Pro and AppCard technologies empower specialty retailer across all segments to leverage their POS data to create and send personalized, multi-channel marketing offers directly to shoppers, creating more occasions for consumer outreach and retention.

“We saw loyalty as a huge opportunity for us,” comments Demian Wendrow, owner of London Harness and TUMI in Massachusetts, USA. “As a high-end retailer, we don’t like to discount items at the store, so we knew integrated loyalty with Retail Pro and AppCard would be a great way for us to avoid competing on price and instead reward loyal customers for their business.”

Retailers leveraging the Retail Pro-AppCard integration experience many benefits, including:

With this deep integration between best of breed Retail Pro and AppCard solutions, we empower retailers to capitalize on the unmined potential of POS data for their customer retention strategy, thereby growing profitability.Kerry Lemos, Retail Pro International CEO

Streamlined Checkout Process

Seamless integration allows sales associates to complete the loyalty workflow efficiently without leaving the Retail Pro POS application. “We love the AppCard experience because it ties right into our POS software, Retail Pro. It takes basically one or two touches within our Retail Pro system to tap into AppCard, making the loyalty workflow simple and easy for both our employees and our customers,” Wendrow shared.

360° Customer View

Integrated data helps retailers connect customer identities with SKU-level purchase information to build comprehensive customer profiles.

Improved Marketing ROI

AI-driven technology enables retailers to learn and predict customer behavior, and deliver targeted marketing messages derived from item-level purchases and future intent at shoppers’ preferred touch point.

“We believe in making life simple, engaging and fun for both the retailer and shopper,” comments Eran Harel, AppCard VP of Business Development. “The Retail Pro-AppCard integration allows business owners to engage with customers in a way that incentivizes loyal behavior, reduces churn, and grows their business.”


About Retail Pro

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About AppCard

AppCard, the only personalized marketing and rewards platform fully integrated with Retail Pro®, uses smart data capture and machine learning to analyze, target, and engage with customers. The technology empowers retailers to deliver the right message, to the right customer, at the right time. AppCard is fully integrated with Retail Pro®, so customers are automatically rewarded for their purchases after the transaction is completed. Using AppCard’s marketing tools, retailers can leverage SKU-level purchase information to deliver highly targeted offers via email, SMS/text message, or push notification. Today, AppCard processes nearly 500 million transactions and reaches over 17 million US households. For more information, visit