Labor Shortage: How to Overcome the #1 Problem Plaguing the Grocery Industry

Despite grocery being one of the only industries to see a boost in sales the past couple of years, it’s no secret that other pandemic-driven issues are taking a toll on retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, other suppliers  and the minds of consumers. 

The darkest issue plaguing the industry seems to be the labor shortage that many industries are being hit with nationwide. The 2021 Independent Grocers Financial Survey from NGA and FMS Solutions put the spotlight on just how dire the situation is for grocery retailers and distributors. NGA members are naming the labor shortage as the #1 worry for grocers, and the survey results back this up. 

In our latest white paper, we take a deep dive into the labor shortage and explore avenues that retailers can take to offset this issue, including rewards programs strategies with employees top-of-mind.



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